This database is the result of research conducted by Karin Lagergren, associate professor at the Linnaeus University, Sweden, and Research Associate at Alamire Foundation, KU Leuven, Belgium. It contains 3 600 entries of 22 notated manuscripts from the Birgittine Order’s Office liturgy the Cantus sororum. The manuscripts cover the period ca. 1500-1881 and come from the Birgittine abbeys in Vadstena, Mariëntroon (Belgium), Mariënwater (the Netherlands), and Altomünster (Germany). The database is one result of the research projects The Transmission of the Cantus Sororum in the Low Countries funded by The Swedish Research Council, The Musical World of the Birgittine Order - A comparative study of four Birgittine abbeys, funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and the interdisciplinary project Multisensory Vadstena in the late middle ages funded by The Swedish Research Council. None of these organisations are responsible for this website. For publications by Karin Lagergren on the Birgittines, see https://lnu.se/en/staff/karin.strinnholm.lagergren/. The database is still under construction. At the moment complete text entries for the Benedicamus Domino tropes are inserted. 


  • Project founder and manager: Karin Lagergren
  • Project developer: Jan Koláček

Birgittine Database is part of the Cantus Index Network and is connected to other international medieval music databases